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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 28, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> hello. i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us this saturday night. we've got silence from tiger woods over his suv crash before dawn early friday morning. police say it's unusual that they haven't gotten a statement yet. troopers were directed to meet with tiger woods and his wife today about that crash, but his agent is asking police for more time. they want another day. terrell brown has the late rest. >> reporter: two highway patrol vehicles entered the gated community where tiger woods lives saturday afternoon. but police didn't get to talk to woods or his wife. the golf star's agent told police the couple wasn't available and asked state troopers to return sunday. police are trying to learn more about what caused woods to crash his suv just outside his mansion in an orlando suburb. around 2:30 in the morning he
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hit a fire hydrant and a tree. the golfers' wife told police she got him out of the vehicle by using a golf club to shatter a back window because the doors were locked. she was frantic as she tried to help her injured husband. >> he was conscious enough to be able to speak a little bit. according to my officers it was not life-threatening injuries according to him. >> what did he say? >> nothing. he was mumbling. >> reporter: police say there's no indication woods had any type of drugs or alcohol in his system. he was released from the hospital friday. this accident is big news in the golf world. here at the country club, golfers are glad he's doing well, but there are several questions about what exactly happened that night. >> this thing sort of doesn't add up. where was he going, exactly what happened? why did it take so long for them to release him and stuff? >> i thought there was probably more to the story than they were letting on. >> still no word from the golfer's spokesman on where he was going so early in the morning. 9 # 1 tapes are expected -- 911 tapes are expected to be
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released in the next couple of days. terrell brown, kissimmee florida. to another story everybody is talking about tonight. 9 news now learned that the secret service finally caught up with that local couple that crashes of crashed the white house state dinner this week. the pair met with agents several hours today in an undisclosed location to discuss how and why they arrived at the white house and who let them in past security. embarrassed officials say they were not on the guest list. >> that's the salahis in the rereceiving line meeting president obama. it's four days since they crashed the state dinner without invitation. the white house ordered a fuel review into how it happened. questions are being raised about the president's safety. the secret service is apologizing and conducting a full review into how the couple was passed through its security and allowed inside the white house gates to mingle with the president, vice-president, cabinet members and a host
11:04 pm the secret service admitted to their credit that they did not check to see if these people were on the guest list, and that also implies they also did not make sure they put these people through their screening system. >> reporter: their friends in virginia horse country know them as tar and missy. they founded america's polo club competition. they've been interviewed in that capacity by 9 news now sports anchor sara walsh. >> if you don't have a great polo pony, you won't be a great polo player. >> reporter: their attorney steadfastly denied she crashed the state dinner, saying his client was cleared by the white house. this evening, mitzi's mother, rosemary holt, echoed those helicopters comments saying she did not walk across the white house line knowing she was crashing that party. she gave her social security number and he gave his. secret service let them in. they're the ones to blame, not my daughter. she have been unavailable --
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they have been unavailable for comment since the incident. they're scheduled to tell their story monday night on the larry king show on cnn. she talked to 9 news now in her apartment. she's not willing to go on camera. she confirmed the couple talked to the secret service today. turning elsewhere, dozens of cats died in a house fire this afternoon. the family was fostering the animals. it happened in south springs drive in clifton, virginia. digital correspondent linda mathis has that story. >> reporter: this small scared black and white cat is one of the few to survive the fire. inside were 64 cats. >> animals are people. >> reporter: homeowners fostered the animals for fancy cats rescue teams. >> this is one of our foster homes. we're very upset. >> reporter: the couple left this morning for vacation. they're now making their way back, but it's not going to be easy when they arrive home. >> it's just terrible. it's very hard. >> i spoke with mark over the
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phone. >> it's going to be a long time before we get over the loss. probably going to hurt too much to do anything for a while. >> reporter: dan submitted with fire and rescue says a pet sitter visited the house around 3:00 in the afternoon. she found the first floor full of smoke. >> the fire did extend to the second floor and a little bit to the basement. >> reporter: jennifer millburn with fairfax animal control says the cats were not in cages. she says many of them tried to hide. >> we did find quite a few of the cats that were deceased near the front door. i would imagine they were probably trying to find a way out. >> reporter: she says those that survived were taken to a veterinary clinic to get checked out. mark's parents say this tragedy is extremely difficult for the family and members of the rescue team. >> christy is just destroyed at this point. she is just, you know, weeping and they're our children that
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she's lost. it's just awful for her. >> reporter: only eight cats survived. several are still missing. in clifton, i'm. >> members of the fancy cat rescue team are taking care of the cats that survived. they're asking for donations. the information is on our website, how are small retailers trying to beat the malls and the recession at the same time? digital correspondent visited some merchants in the district's u street corridor in old town alexanderia to find answers. >> reporter: the same amount as last year. for those of you who think there's got to be another alternative to the mall, there is. really. we found a lot of shoppers in old town alexandria. >> the mall gets boring, crowded, hot and crazy. >> reporter: but things are crazy good at many small shops
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in the metro d.c. area. >> we are the kind of shop that a lot of little and big boys like to pop in. >> reporter: there are other reasons why business is chugging right along. >> because the malls really don't sell the stuff they have here, like the trains and stuff. >> this is more specialized and focused. >> we have fun even looking at the store. >> it's fun of going to a shop like this and finding something you love. >> that no one else will have. >> exactly, yeah. >> here is a great vase to put our desk, $6.50. >> reporter: merchants are working hard to find items their clients many appreciate. >> when you lift up, you get your toothpick. it's the great dad gift. great hostess gift. >> a lot of stores like this, they have very unique gifts and unique finds. >> this is an italian design company. this is their interpretation of a modern nativity. is that not the happiest baby
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jesus you've ever seen? >> people really appreciate the customer service. >> reporter: one more thing to appreciate, no annoying elevator music. just because folks stayed away from the malls doesn't mean they didn't shop. a lot more computer mice were clicking this black friday. online sales were up around 35% from last year. in the information center, my news now. what's it going to be paper or plastic? shoppers, more are planning to use cash or debit cards to pay for the purchases, according to the results of a survey released today by the national retail fed dpraition drags. the federation says the number of shoppers planning to pay for gifts with cash rose this year to nearly 25%, up from 22.8% in 2008. we talked with some shoppers in our area to find out how they planned to pay for holiday purchases. >> cash. >> cash. >> trying to be good. >> credit.
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and some cash for small things. but i track it better with credit cards, so i can track my spending. >> i use debit more today. >> we're trying to use less credit, more debit, more cash. >> today what did you use more? >> i used debit. >> credit. >> why are you using credit? >> i guess it's easier. >> i don't like to use my card. >> reporter: the national feddation says the number of people who plan to play by credit card will likely decline by 10% due in part to increased interest rates by credit card issuers. for many people black friday shopping isn't just a tradition, it's a mission. amy was one of those shoppers. the tennessee woman was on a mission to buy thomas a train, a cozy cup and a bicycle for her children when she was trampled in front of the "toys r us" store in clarksville a. large crowd surged toward the doors before they opened. >> there was no representative,
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no security, nobody out there telling people, you need to get in the back of the line. there was no kind of authority out there. and that's what caused all this chaos. >> i'm so glad i slept in this morning. i'm so glad. that would have been me on the floor. >> she was pinned between a shopping cart and the cement wall. she was treated at a tennessee hospital. says the first black friday shopping experience will also be her last. no surprise for passengers above a cruise ship this week. a norwegian dawn vacation was cut short when the ship lost power. passengers say it felt like a sauna on board. >> we slept on our chairs on our balcony. you couldn't sleep inside. >> the condition was horrible. >> you're angry. >> very angry. >> it smelled like an open sewer, because that's what in fact it was. >> norwegian will provide each passenger with a 75% refund. still ahead on 9 news now, this saturday night, deadly
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explosives killed dozens aboard a rush sean train -- russian train. well have that story. what would you pay for a sprawling home in the desert that belonged to a presidential candidate. stay with us. hey there from the weather. our wakeup weather tomorrow morning is going to be rather chilly. we're going to have clear skies and the sun will be shining brightly. look at those 30s. yes, we will be between 33 and 37. your full forecast is coming up soon. i'll see you in just a few minutes.
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overseas this holiday weekend at least two dozen people have been killed after a
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homemade bomb spent a russian train off its tracks. as many as 100 people were injured. 18 people are missing tonight. the blast left a five-foot crater and sent smoking wreckage across a rural stretch of track. it targeted a luxury train popular with business executives, politicians and a lot of tourists. three americans are dead after a cargo plane crashed in china. the plane crashed during dayoff at an airport in shanghai. it left the runway, crashed into a storage building and caught fire. four crew members were hurt, including american pilot. he was rescued by a fellow crew member. >> he was heroic and came back and pulled my dad literally out of a hole in the side of thecockpit. not how you expect to pass your thanksgiving holiday, but you know, we give thanks that my
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dad is alive right now. you know, it's the importance of family and friends. >> that's bill johnson, jr. he's trying to get an expedited passport to visit his father in the hospital in shanghai. officials have not released the names of the three americans who died in the crash, because they're still trying to notify their relatives tonight. a former home of arizona senator john mccain is going on the auction block sometime next week. the 13 bedroom house has 14 bathrooms, 10 fireplaces, a resort style mediterranean pool, a spa, also an air- conditioned seven-car garage. bidding will start at $5.9 million. the two acre property is appraised at more than $12 million. the moment was bought in 1951 by cindy mccain's parents. they sold their home in 2006 to a real estate investor. a cash strapped investors are turning to boost their bottom line.
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the extra costs are leaving residents feeling squeezed these days. a warmer sunday on the way. kim's forecast when we come back. óóóó
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>> you say tomorrow's going to be great. >> tomorrow's going to be great for a bike ride. yeah, how about all the eating we had? if you need to work it out, you can tomorrow. no excuses. the weather's in your favor. all right, let's take a look around. here are some weather headlines. first of all, some frosty suburbs tonight. okay, everybody's going down into the 30s. at or below freezing, frederick way, winchester, you get the idea. rebounding into the 60s tomorrow. monday and wednesday this coming week features rain. yeah. it's already 28 in culpepper. 41 in hagueers town, 35
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winchester. here's how it looks from high above. we are cloud free and we're going to leave the atmosphere, so we're going to be cooling off. take a look at some of these low temperatures inside the beltway around 37 degrees. 34 fredericksburg. warrenton 30. culpepper 28. no surprise there, below freezing. 30 in couple bear land. tomorrow, this dry air can warm up rather quickly, so we'll be in the upper 50s for winchester. 62, fredericksburg, as we look toward leonard town. temperatures around 63. don't turn your back because we'll have rain in here on monday. then we'll have another dry day on tuesday, with highs around 50. let's take a weather flight to baja. see these clouds here? this is pacific ocean moisture which will transfer the entire country, and be in our neck of the woods on monday. that's how quickly it's going
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to move. that's going to help import some showers. enjoy the 61. the dry weather tomorrow. we'll take you through micro cast 9. here's the time line for you throughout the day, bright sunshine. tomorrow night the clouds come in. watch our northern suburbs. by monday morning rain in there. throughout the day showers right here in our backyard. we'll write monday off as a wet day. monday night we might get snow showers out to the west. during the day monday, that's for the rains here. all right, let's talk about the next seven. we're looking good tomorrow. by the way, the skins are up there playing the eagles. we're going to have nice weather up at the link. i need to get with tara and make sure that's the right terminology. we've got rain on monday, rain against on wednesday. the next week, check it out, only having highs in the 40s starting wednesday into next weekend. >> okay. what's it called up there? >> lincoln financial.
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you're good, you're safe. >> all right. thank god it's over. >> i guess that's the nicest thing you can say. ahead in sports, a painful season for maryland. what is the future as the terrapins head coach? the capitals pull out a thriller in the north. and the basketball team has a high profile visitor in the stands. those stories ahead.
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>> the maryland football team entered the season finale on the verge of making history, but not the kind you want your name etched in any record books to remember. in a program that saw its inception in 1892, maryland has never inr endured a ten-loss season but began today's game already with nine. it was senior day for the terrapins, last time for chris turner. first quarter, fired over the middle, who cuts across the field, gets past the secondary and goes 66 yards. the touchdown, egals, 7-3. second -- eagles, 7-3. second
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quarter, six yards, the score, the terps trail 16-10 at the break. late in the fourth quarter, terps down 18-10. not done. he gets in for a touchdown. maryland within 2 of d.c. the terps need the onside kick for the shot at the win. boston college here recovers. they win 19-17. maryland ends the year 2-10 with many wondering if ralph region has coached his last game in college park. >> i told that i expected to be back. if i'm not, that i wanted to tell them how much i loved them and appreciated, you know, their effort this whole year. because sometimes when things happen, you don't get that opportunity. i want to be there when they're good so we can think about these times and laugh about them. >> i feel like they coached us really well and put news a position to win the game, but we haven't been taking advantage of our opportunities. >> we'll see what maryland decides. virginia in the battle of
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commonwealth. they get on the board first. the quarterback keeper, he scrambles 15 yards. that's a touchdown. virginia goals up 7-0 early. second quarter, uva still up 3, but not for long. taylor options to ryan williams to goes 20 yards. that's a touchdown. 32-13. redskins and in a 24-hour span secondary coach jerry gray went from front-runner to runner up for the memphis head coaching dig. the tigers are set to announce they will hire lsu assistant larry porter prompting him to say one day it will be the right situation. gray repeatedly told us the memphis speculation was not a distracts because it wouldn't be hard to get focused on this guy, philadelphia's deshaun jackson who wracked up 136 yards and two touchdowns and only touched the ball three times in that first game. >> they had one guy burn us for
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two touchdowns last time. we've got to defend number ten and number 18. >> he's a good guy, quick guy. he's running good routes. you know, thing we've got to do is get our hand on this, wrap him at the line and not give him the straight ahead pass. >> clinton not the only big name out with a concussion. ben roethlisberger will sit out, still recovering his fourth concussion since 2006. he suffered it last week. den nix dixon make his first nfl start in roethlisberger's place. hockey, and eric needed surgery on both his shoulders. in the team's last two games, he had no problems carrying the guys on his back. north of the border to face the canadians. scored a critical goal with 11 seconds left to play. he had one goal and here's his second which sends it into overtime. we go to round three of the shoot-out. nicholas says enough of this already, ending it with a goal.
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the capitals win 4-3. to the association, the wizards hosting the bobcats this evening. first quarter, the wizards down 4. nick young goes coast to coast for the jams. looks good, but the wizards down 10 at the break. third quarter, the bobcats start pulling away. gerald wallace, three of his 14. wizards fall 90-76. college hoops action, georgetown and the bulldogs hosting lafayette. already up 11. greg monroe down low, the jam and the foul. 13, georgetown up 14 at the half. in the second, kept on rolling. jason clark running one of three 3's for him. a career high. georgetown wins big. over at foggy bottom, how is this for a face in the crowd? president obama and the first family watching the colonials taking on or gone state, where the first lady's brother is the coach. george washington loses by 7 but pretty sweet bragging
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rights as to who's coming to your game. other area hoops scored you, virginia tech in overtime 74-66. or mason false to tulane. howard losing, and american still winless over maryland eastern shores. eagles 0 and 7 this season. okay. thank you for watching. have a good night everybody. ♪ ♪
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